v047 - Launch Pad

Here we go, it's the Oculus Launch Pad update! With the conclusion of Launch Pad looming this week, this is the build to show off our progress. We're excited to get back out to California next month so we can demo Super Hockey Ball for Oculus and all the other Launch Pad members! We'll keep this post short and sweet, this time around. You're welcome.

The biggest improvement in this update is a MASSIVE performance gain. Everyone on GTX 970 or better should now be able to run the game at nearly maxed out quality settings without issue! This is a huge win, because it means people with minimum spec systems can finally play Super Hockey Ball as it's intended to be played: beautifully with excellent performance.

Next up, you'll see example videos of each level on the level selection screen! This should make it easier to learn the objectives for the level. And it might also help give you some hints about how to play more successfully. In future versions, there will be a bunch more videos alongside an expanded tutorial section.

Other improvements in this version are largely visual improvements, quality-of-life updates, and minor bug fixes.

Have fun, everyone! We'll see you again soon.

v047 - DevLog

Gameplay Adjustments
+ Reduced status pop-up trigger size
+ Added Moving Targets to Level 1
+ Reduced number of Gates in Level 2
+ Reduced player gravity scale
+ Constrained level bounds

+ Improved distance field for Goal
+ Improved random flower color generation
+ Shadows for background objects are now disabled on Low setting
+ Adjusted Tree LODs
+ Set components of pawns to light as group
+ Removed outlines
+ Fixed transitions between CSM and distance field shadows
+ Improved Ball outline
+ Added level demo videos
+ Powerup shadows improved

+ Increased vibration for short hits

+ Reduced pixel shader instruction count significantly
+ Disabled post process exposure
+ Adjusted Bush LODs based on Foliage Quality
+ Dramatically improved overall performance

Bug Fixes
+ Fixed geometry hole on porches
+ Lasers hide properly when opening Oculus Dash

+ Adjusted the way Room Recentering works
+ Updated icon and splash
+ Minor quality-of-life improvements to menus


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Version 30 Jan 29, 2020

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