v048 - Summer Game Festival / Demo Release

Well, here we go. A demo, for free, available for everyone right now. Get it here. Get it on Steam. Hit the ball. Hit the ball a lot. It's ok. The ball likes being hit. Frankly, who cares what the ball thinks anyway? Not us, that's for sure.

So, grab the demo. Hit the ball. And do whatever else you want. Who am I to stop you?

Oh, wait. You want like... update information? Well, fine I guess.

This build is a doozy. There are Leaderboards! There's support for Vive Cosmos (probably)! There are other things! If you're the type of person who loves lists, well then boy do we have something you'll enjoy! Read this great list to see all the stuff we added this time. Also, we re-wrote basically the entire game from the ground up. It was a lot of work. I need a nap. So, I'm gonna go take a nap while you read this awesome list.

DevLog - 0.4.8

Gameplay Adjustment
+ New Leaderboards
+ New scoring system
+ Added curl-based grip for Knuckles
+ Garage doors open automatically
+ Disabled Status Pop-Up
+ Added Vive Cosmos Support (untested! I don't have a Cosmos.)

+ Added dynamic atmospheric clouds
+ Brightened nighttime environments
+ Removed room center indicator ring
+ Improved floor position indicator
+ Tilted trees randomly
+ Added dissolve effect from the transition box

+ Adjusted EQ of menu sounds
+ Adjusted spatialization of game sounds

+ Added Nvidia Variable Rate Shading support (untested! I don't have an RTX graphics card)
+ Generated tree positions offline instead of at runtime
+ Saving/Loading is now handled async

+ Added cross platform Leaderboards
+ Added telemetry and player event tracking

Bug Fixes
+ Lost-tracking detection is now disabled for Lighthouse tracking systems
+ Fixed VRS tone-mapping regression
+ Quality Settings are now only applied on game start or value changed
+ A thousand other bugs you never knew about

+ Improved automatic replacement of outdated settings files
+ Created LocalSettings.sav for quality settings, etc. Only PlayerSettings.sav will cloud sync
+ Removed 3D text


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Version 31 Jun 16, 2020

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