v025 - Back to Work!

A new version is here! (we know, it's been a while.) There's a lot to experience in this version of SHB. We have a new environment to test out. It's only a sample of a concept, so temper those expectations. We've been working a lot behind the scenes, and there's been a significant amount of progress. Unfortunately, it's all the lame kind of progress like "paperwork". Going forward, we'll have some more exciting updates coming soon. Soon, of course, is a relative term. But don't dwell on that! Get in there and play around with the new options and let us know what you think.

Here's what you can expect from Super Hockey Ball v025:

  • Fixed a glitch where the ball doesn't always drop on low-end systems
  • Upgraded engine to UE4.18.3
  • Added a Main Menu
  • Added Splash Screens during level loading
  • Reworked menu interactions
  • Tweaked shadows
  • Minor improvements to the Arena
  • Overhauled auto-saving/loading of user-customizable settings
  • Streamlined and reorganized a LOT on the backend to make future improvements easier
  • Enabled the Neighbourhood demo level without the need to enter secret codes
  • Yes, there are still secret codes

Coming soon, we'll have more features, more options, and more italicized things! Remember to swing by our Discord to give us your feedback. We'll also give you a Steam Key if you ask nicely. Thanks! Have fun everyone.


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Version 4 Mar 23, 2018

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