v026 - Hooray Me! Lucky You!

Hey guys! I did more things! Hooray me! Lucky you! Super Hockey Ball v026 is live. 

This is a pretty big update with some substantial new features and improvements. Locomotion has gotten a drastic improvement which should help reduce nausea and make general control easier. The menus got a lot better. And you'll find a ton of minor tweaks and bug-fixes for various things. If you had performance trouble before, the new settings should help out with that. Good luck and let me know how it goes! Here's a DevLog that even the guys I work with won't read!

v026 DevLog!
+ Updated engine to UE4.19
+ Added dynamic vibration (when you hit the ball, the hand closer to the ball feels more rumble!)
+ Reduced overall game speed
+ Reduced variance between run/walk speeds
+ Improved locomotion accuracy
+ Remapped controller input for simplicity
+ Minor HUD improvements and bug fixes
+ Main Menu can be viewed from any angle
+ Added a News feature to the Main Menu
+ Added a Defenseman model to the Main Menu
+ Player Appearance Settings are reflected on the Menu Defenseman
+ Music Volume now loads properly at the user-defined volume.
+ Music Volume Slider displays volume percentage
+ Audio cues improved (sounds no longer misfire!)
+ Added ability to toggle center marker on/off
+ Hand Color now changes according to Player Color setting
+ Set default Hand Model to Spheres
+ Added Ball Explosion when time expires
+ Replaced Resolution Scale option with Visual Quality setting
+ Improved visual quality overall
+ Improved Neighbourhood environment design


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Version 5 Apr 05, 2018

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