v027 - Friday the 13th - Targets Go Boom

Guys! We did it! We released more stuff! It's the same stuff, but newer and differenter! This time around, we've got a brand new game mode for you. 'Destroy the Targets' is exactly what you'd expect. There are targets. You get to destroy them! It's currently set to be the default game mode, but you can still play the 'Arena' mode if you'd like. We even made some improvements to the Arena, which we think you'll enjoy.  This update comes with some new models, because we finally decided to play with Maya again. There are new ways to interact with your opponents (stick lifting and tripping), as well as a few improvements to existing systems. Yet again, lots and lots of little changes going on behind the scenes. You probably won't notice that the underlying code is better organized... (you know, because the result is the same) but we sure will! Get in there, see what you like about it, and get back to us with your opinions, suggestions, and death threats. See you all again in a couple of weeks.

v027 DevLog:
+ Enemies go ragdoll. Because they deserve it, that's why.
+ Added ability to trip opponents
+ Added ability to stick lift opponents
+ Added ability to hook opponents
+ Optimized opponent spawning behavior
+ New Cone Mesh
+ New Target Mesh
+ Added 'Destroy the Targets" game mode
+ Targets only count as being destroyed if they were hit by the ball
+ Updated Notification Messages ("Great Shot!", "Nice one!", etc)
+ Messages are curved now (and they sparkle!)
+ New Game handling improved
+ Added Victory screens for 'Arena' and 'Destroy the Targets' game modes. (placeholders)
+ Removed cones from Arena

(Note: HUD and interface will be reworked soon. It's functional... but the design is kinda clunky. It works fine for simply displaying two scores of a hockey game, but it needs to be improved for showing the number of remaining targets, etc.)

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