v028b - Hands, Clouds, and Things to Do!

Phew! This one was a doozy. There's so much in this update that we had to highlight our favorite bits at the top of the DevLog. Don't worry, we know you aren't going to read it. But having it here makes us feel pretty and everyone deserves to feel pretty sometimes. We're pretty proud of what we've accomplished this time around. Hard to believe it's only been two weeks! Here's a quick breakdown of the most important features in this update:


They're fancy. They rotate nicely and smoothly. They add a ton of immersion. And they're kinda nifty to look at. Don't spend too much time looking at them, though! You've got a ball to hit!


So, for some reason, we thought it was a good idea to spend half of last week adding a system to procedurally generate clouds and wind. They come in all different sizes and shapes! They move sporadically in the wind! We think they add a nice atmosphere to things. (ha. puns.)


We got some requests for a simple way to practice hitting the ball. Sometimes, it's hard to learn how to move and smack a ball all at the same time. No worries, friend! We've got you covered. Eight new stages in which you stand in place and shoot at the targets! They should be good practice for you. You'll need it. Big things are coming.


Sorry, that was too much shouting. If you're still reading, here's a full list of bug fixes and improvements. These things are just as important to the gameplay experience as the new features. But, hey, they just aren't flashy enough to merit their own capital letters. Trust the process, friends! As always, if you have any suggestions or complaints, send 'em our way. That's all for now, kids. Enjoy your beautiful April weekend.

v028 DevLog:

+ NEW - Added Hands (they're pretty, fancy, and rotate all smooth and nice)
+ NEW - Added procedurally generated clouds and wind!
+ NEW - Added Target Practice game mode (no movement, currently 8 challenges to complete)
+ NEW - Added Toon Shader support! (cel shading on all the things!)
+ Improved Skybox and Atmosphere
+ Added lots more Messages (some game mode specific)
+ Improved Victory/Game Over messages
+ Optimized Main Menu auto-orientation (significantly more efficient!)
+ Curved Menu Destructible Logo(edited)
+ Added sound effect when Destructible Logo hits the ground
+ Improved Center Marker (to indicate player's current real-world position)
+ Minor visual tweaks
+ Improved Footsteps implementation (you'll never notice, but trust me, it sounds a lot better.)
+ Adjusted Input Mappings for easier internal updating
+ Improved Object Outline Post Process
+ Added 'Secret Code' to enable Debug options from within VR
+ Trimmed excess fat
+ Switched to Custom build of Unreal Engine (third engine change in as many builds. I'm crazy, I know.)
+ Changed some other stuff that I forgot to make note of. Minor improvements here and there
+ Encrypted GamePak files
+ Distance at which Targeting Player stops from Targeted Object is now based on Stick Length
+ Stick Grip now activated by pressing either Trigger or Grip buttons
+ Added Delayed Linear Interpolation to the Stick Rotation (so changing grips doesn't rotate the stick instantaneously)
+ Hands now Lerp to stick (no snapping immediately into place)
+ Non-gripping hand now rotates independently
+ Fixed issue with Stick Blade appearing inside out with a Left-Handed stick
+ Improved Stick Blade collision
+ Grip Bias now compensates for Handedness


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