v029 - Harder Better Faster Stronger

This update is a little different. There are new things. But most importantly: All the little things work. We went back through the entire game (so far) with a fine-toothed comb. Every little bug, glitch, or behavioral quirk we could find was squashed, fixed, and improved. You won't notice those things, though. They're just better forever and that's the way it should be. You probably care about the new stuff! Most excitingly, we added eight (8!) new Target Practice levels. Now you'll have to worry about obstacles and Moving Targets! If you can beat all 16 levels... we'll be very, very impressed. The last few are pretty challenging.

In the "exciting only to the developer" category, we have some massive improvements that we'd like to brag about. The most notable of these is that Stick Collision has been drastically improved. Re-written from the ground up (ha!), sticks will now interact perfectly with the ground. You'll be able to smack your stick against the ground! You'll be able to hear and truly feel the impact! ...and the improvement to immersion is stunning. Then we improved more things! Collisions are more accurate throughout the game world! Shadows are much more crisp and pretty! We also fixed glitches that were such edge-cases that you didn't know they existed!

All told, we think you'll find the overall experience a lot more polished. But don't worry, we aren't done improving things. It only gets better from here. Have fun everyone!

v029 DevLog:
+ Rewrote Stick-to-Ground collision (better collisions, rumble, sound effects, and stability!)
+ Added 8 more new Target Practice levels
+ Added Moving Targets
+ Added Level Identifier to Loading Screens
+ Added rumble when stick collides with ground (and other stick blocking objects)
+ Added Sound Effect when stick collides with ground (and other stick blocking objects)
+ Added Game Over sound effect
+ Added Ball Return sound effect
+ Minor adjustments to a lot of other sound effects
+ Fixed delayed Ball sound effects bug
+ Fixed Instant Max Shot Power bug
+ Fixed the math for the new stick-to-ground collision! Flawless stick controls!
+ Fixed initial footstep trigger glitch
+ Fixed bug where Cones hit after Victory triggered Victory Condition loop
+ Fixed meshes erroneously casting static shadows
+ Fixed bug where splines did not block traces
+ Fixed Walkable Floor Angle
+ Fixed Max Step Height
+ Fixed Unlimited Jumping glitch
+ Fixed Balls Used incorrect counting bug
+ Fixed Total Targets incorrect counting bug
+ Fixed Target destruction (targets always fracture/use proper collision channels)
+ Switched House models to complex collision
+ Built variable spline mesh component (for roads, sidewalks, fences, etc)
+ Improved Shadow Resolution
+ Improved Asphalt texture (kinda)
+ Improved landscape materials for environment design
+ Disabled Player Movement until the first bounce of the ball
+ Disabled Targeting System in Target Practice mode


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Version 9 May 13, 2018

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