v032 - No Vacation Yet...

Ok, remember how I said I was gonna take some time off. Well, guess what? I didn't. Guess I'm bad at relaxing.

Instead, there's new stuff this week! Sure, maybe it could've been saved for next time and made a bigger update. But there are some great improvements and bug fixes in here! There's also some silly junk because I was bored.

First up, we have some improvments to "Through the Gates". You'll find 3 new levels (not many, but there will be plenty more to come). Some changes were made to the game mode which increase playability and fun. The difficulty was also scaled back a little bit... because the early levels shouldn't be god-tier.

There are lots of audio enhancements this time around! We've added more sound effects, balanced volumes, and tossed in a new Music Player! Unfortunately, the music player won't be of use to you yet, because we still have to wait on the licensing agreement. But hey! It's functional! You'll just have to trust me. Hopefully, we'll have an agreement ironed out by next time.

We've also made a bunch of general usability improvements. There are little things like fixing the Grip glitch. Then there are bigger things like improved Roomscale Blocking (you can literally duck under obstacles now, but you won't see that used in gameplay quite yet)! We added an option for Hand Based Targeting, since some of you don't like HMD oriented controls.

As a bonus, we brought the menu interactions in line with SteamVR Home and Oculus Dash standards. In other words, you can now return to the previous menu by squeezing the grips! And, for Oculus Rift users, you'll be able to use the A and B buttons to navigate the menus. 

Finally, there are some smaller things that make it all look prettier. But you don't care about that. Oh, who am I kidding? That's all you care about. Don't worry! There will be even more visual enhancements coming soon.

Full change log below. Catch you later, everyone! As always, contact me with any questions, comments, issues, or slander.

Thanks guys!

+ Added 3 more Through the Gates levels
+ Added Hand Based Targeting options
+ Added user controllable Music Player (still waiting on licensing to activate the new music)
+ Added countdown sounds to final 10 seconds
+ Balanced Audio volumes
+ NEW Metallic Ball colors
+ Random Ball color every time Ball resets
+ Improved Roomscale Blocking (full precision blocking! duck under obstacles!)
+ Improved Menu interactions (Back button: Vive = Grip, Rift = B/Y)
+ Removed Ball options from menus
+ Separated Audio options to dedicated sub-menu
+ Replaced fonts
+ Increased gravity
+ Increased Ball bounciness
+ Slightly increased overall game speed
+ Ball now automatically Target Locked on first bounce 
+ Fixed HUD score display glitch
+ Fixed Long Vibration on Level Load
+ Added Trees to Through the Gates (might revert this if performance suffers)
+ Fixed behavior when holding Trigger and Grip
+ Fixed glitch where Swapping Hands would hit the ball
+ Implemented work-around to improve Gate triggering


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Version 13 Jun 23, 2018

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