v033 - Bombs Away!

Hey! I think I'm actually going to the beach now! Though, I think I was supposed to go yesterday? I'm not really sure. Time doesn't make any sense. Whatever, you came here to listen to me talk about Super Hockey Ball.

There is SO MUCH NEW STUFF in this update that I have to yell about it! Bug fixes galore. New stick, goal, and ball models. EXPLODING BALLS. A completely new, super-fast-paced game mode! Tons of performance optimizations! This is a good update. I don't even want to tell you about how awesome it all is.

But, really, that's because I need to go to the beach.

While I'm gone, check out the newest version and enjoy yourself. It's a blast! (/bomb joke)

Later, everyone! Here's a different sort of change log:

NEW Features
+ NEW Game Mode (Hit the Targets)
+ Added Bombs! (explode after spawning)
+ Random chance of Bomb when Ball resets
+ New Target Types (Add Time, Subtract Time, Freeze Time)

Graphics Enhancements
+ New Stick model
+ New Ball models (Dimples, improved Hollow, and Bomb)
+ New Goal model
+ New Ball Reset effect
+ Main Menu improvements

Gameplay Adjustments
+ Adjusted Default settings
+ Enabled Movement (heavily restricted) in Target Practice
+ Disabled Movement when Menu is open
+ Disabled Ball Locomotion Style (weird glitches at the moment)
+ Player resets alongside Ball

Performance Improvements
+ Implemented Level Streaming
+ Moved Tick Events to Timers
+ Implemented Cascaded Shadow Maps (Reduced shadow draw distance)
+ Reduced Ball velocity limiting events

Bug Fixes
+ Fixed Menu Button glitch (Vive/WMR)
+ Fixed Music Player Start Glitch
+ Fixed glitch where Stick Blade could clip through ground after adjusting Stick Length
+ Various minor fixes

Other Updates
+ Removed plugin dependencies
+ Improved Ball reset system
+ Improved Ball return triggers
+ Improved Arena collision
+ New in-game "secret code"


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Version 15 Jul 08, 2018

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