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Hey friends! First of all, whoops! Sorry about the last update. I didn't realize it right away, but there was a bug that occasionally caused some features (like, the entirety of the Hit The Targets game mode) to sort of... not exist. Don't worry! I fixed it! So, we're all back to rockin'!

The big new feature this week is the Points system. It's suuuuper basic and will be improved greatly over the next several updates. Right now, when you hit a Target you get points! If you hit it close to the Bullseye you get more points! This gives you a little bit more feedback as to how well you're doing. More points = Good. Fewer points = Less good. This system paves the way for a future grading system which should be pretty fun and intuitive.

You'll also find a few graphical tweaks here and there. Menus got minor touch-ups (again). Audio improvements happened. (There's music again!) The sun got prettier. Like, a lot prettier. You're welcome. There are tons more obvious effects, like particles and sounds when Targets appear/disappear.

I also kept working on a bunch of background changes. Some of them are gonna improve performance on lower-end machines. Some of them will just make it easier for me to manage the project as it grows. Most of them you'll never see.

Speaking of performance on lower-end machines... I finally picked up an entry-level VR rig. I can safely say that the game runs on an i5-4690 with a GTX 970! (But, for real, you should try to use better hardware. The physics calculations put a massive strain on the GPU, and the more power you can throw at it, the better.) I'm going to make an effort to improve performance on barely-adequate computers. Now that I have one and can directly test, it should be easier to figure out what helps the most.

As always, drop by the Discord (https://discord.gg/AxxpQ8h) and bother me. I like it when you bother me. We can talk about hockey. And Super Hockey Ball. And we'll laugh! It'll be a time.

Anyway, you kids have fun! I gotta run. See you all in a couple of weeks. I'll leave you with the change log.

NEW Features
+ Added Point system for score tracking (Hitting Targets closer to the Bullseye gives more points)
+ Added Points Multiplier for hitting the ball without it bouncing first
+ Added random bonus Targets

Graphics Enhancements
+ Added rays to the Sun
+ Added Particle Effect to Target Spawn/Destroy
+ Added Physics driven Flowers (hitting the flower makes the petals spin)
+ New Slider handles
+ Menu Sliders are now draggable
+ Improved News Panel Scrolling
+ Replaced Messages with more childish font

Gameplay Adjustments
+ Updated 'Through the Gates' Game Mode
+ Adjusted Mass of each Ball type
+ Cones and Trash Cans are now full physics objects
+ Cones now reset with their full transform instead of just location

Performance Improvements
+ Improved Level Streaming Hierarchy
+ Improved Ball Return triggers
+ Improved Level Streaming performance (faster, without hiccups between Waves)
+ Reduced overall package size

Bug Fixes
+ Fixed Level Streaming
+ Fixed Music Player not playing in Streaming Levels
+ Music Player controls in the Main Menu work again (broken in previous update)
+ Find The Targets now supports multiple levels properly
+ Score counting accuracy corrected across game modes
+ Main Menu rumble now triggers correctly
+ Minor Menu Improvements
+ Various minor fixes

Other Updates
+ Began migrating to new save system
+ Some other things that I forgot to note


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Version 16 Jul 21, 2018

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