v037 - Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago today, the first build of Super Hockey Ball compiled without errors. It was junk. And it had virtually no features. Luckily, today it's WAY cooler! To celebrate the occasion, here's the latest alpha build (v037). This release is mostly polish, but with a few features that should help acclimate new users. You know, obvious stuff like controller diagrams.

There's also a new trailer available. It took me a lot longer than I care to admit, so I hope you like it!

We're breaking from the "every two weeks" pattern of updates, just for this week. Have fun with the game, kiddos! And don't forget to go outside and enjoy those last couple weeks of summer. That's what I'm gonna do. Right now, in fact.

v037 - DevLog
NEW Stuff
+ Added Controls Diagram
+ Added additional Hit The Targets levels
+ Added Ball Return Volumes to Find The Targets levels
+ Added Scroll Wheel support to in-game Menus
+ Added Reminder message

Gameplay Adjustments
+ Adjusted default Grip Bias setting
+ Hands now rotate freely while not gripping stick

Bug Fixes
+ Fixed Game Over screens not displaying correct stage
+ Fixed issue where Targets were not collected when loading next Through The Gates stage
+ Fixed Fences not rendering custom depth
+ Fixed Curbs not blocking movement properly
+ Fixed Helmet not displaying shadow while hidden


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Version 19 Aug 25, 2018

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